About us

Herbescent Tea & Botanicals

"Elevate your Senses; Elevate Your Life"

Herbescent is a company eager to enhance your tea drinking experience. Created and blended with great care by a pioneering herbalist & nutritionist, Laureen Grenus. Herbescent teas provide an authentic experience in healing tea that is rare to find in our fast-paced modern world. Laureen has been blending tea & botanicals since 1992 and is renowned as a master tea blender in the industry. Herbescent is an environmentally conscious company with values to preserve our planet and to bring organic sustainable healing teas & botanicals to consumers.

To ensure that you experience the best quality and benefits from your cup of tea, Laureen wild-harvests botanicals when possible, while taking the utmost care to source organic teas & medicinal grade herbs from around the globe. Our expertise and dedication has made us a leader in supplement tea industry.

Note: All of our teas are do not contain natural flavorings and all teas and botanical blends are gluten free. If we add flavorings we use essential oils and/or organic compliant flavorings.

“Sip Your Attitude” with Herbescent Tea today and feel the experience and taste the difference!

About Tea ‘N Lace

Laureen believes that beauty comes from deep within. Her intentions are to create and bring styles
to you that allow your inner and outer beauty to shine !

This is not your old fashion tea party dress; this is where modern meets vintage and femininity meets practicality. Freestyle, colorful clothing that is vintage inspired with a modern flair, with a French twist and inspired by nature. Romantic, flowing comfort that can be worn as shabby chic or upscale casual, resort style clothing. Boho chic is co-mingling with feminine practicality. A style suited for those casual moments with a pot of Chamomile tea with friends, out on the town sipping at an outdoor café or just anytime you want to feel feminine, unique & beautiful.

Laureen’s first love was clothing design. While studying and preparing to launch her clothing line she discovered the amazing healing benefits of herbs and she shifted her career path to helping others find healing through the botanical wonders of our planet. After dedicating over 25 years of sharing her healing tea blends with the world, Laureen has been inspired to launch her clothing line, Tea ‘N Lace, in 2017. “My tea blends are created from my Soul; the clothing designs is created from my Heart” So, with great enthusiasm Laureen brought her heart & soul together to create Tea ‘N Lace Clothing Designs.

“We Blend Beauty for the Inside; We Create Beauty for the Outside”

Come join the reunion of the Heart & Soul; Adorn yourself with confidence and sip your tea with a smile