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Rooibos is the "green Tea" of South Africa, however, it is NOT Green Tea at all ! Rooibos is a good source of antioxidants and is the only known source of a potent antioxidant aspalathin, which could play a role in combating several lifestyle diseases. Unlike black and green teas, Rooibos is naturally caffeine free (not decaffeinated) and therefore suitable for children, infants and breast-feeding mothers.

Rooibos is not a true tea, but a herb (pronounced ROY-BOSS)
  • The botanical (scientific) name for the Rooibos plant is Aspalathus linearis.
The brew made from the dried Rooibos leaves is therefore a herbal infusion (known as a tisane) rather than a tea, but is widely known as Rooibos tea. People have been talking and writing about the health benefits of Rooibos since the late 1960's.
  • Rooibos has proven cancer-fighting properties in animal research studies, and exciting new research points towards the role that Rooibos can play in promoting heart health and preventing diabetes.
  • After centuries of use, no negative side effects of Rooibos have ever been recorded.


The health attributes of Honeybush have been known to the indigenous peoples in South Africa for centuries, and the herb has been drunk as a brewed tea for many years.

  • Honeybush contains many minerals essential to human health, including Iron, Potassium, Calcium and Manganese. These are vital in fluid balance, bone growth and repair, and prevention of anemia.
  • Phyto-estrogens, present in Honeybush, as in many other plants such as Soy and Black Cohosh, may be useful in the natural control of menopausal symptoms in women.
  • Numerous studies have been undertaken into Honeybush. The most recent Animal study confirmed that feeding a Honeybush brew to diabetic rodents lowered blood sugar and cholesterol dramatically.
  • Honeybush contains anti-oxidants, which counter the effects of oxidative stress, and prevent the production of free radicals. Free radicals exert harmful effects on the body, and weaken the body’s natural defenses.
  • Honeybush is often used to increase milk production in nursing mothers, and to relieve colic in infants and babies.
  • The Pinitol in Honeybush Medicinal tea makes it popular as cough expectorant and herbal aid for colds and flu.
MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, or Health Canada. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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Rooibos has a distinctive color, flavor and aroma, which
differentiates it from most other teas. The flavor can be described as
slightly sweet and fruity.