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We invite you to browse our website and view our product selection. Our Success is your Success. We assist in tailoring your order needs whether you are a restaurant, spa, health food or specialty store.

We are purveyors of the finest organic healing teas & botanical's; dedicated since 1992. The foundation of our company was build on our expertise as herbalist, nutritionist and aromatherapists. We value quality; and naturally, with great quality based ingredients, a great taste ensues. Our stylish and 'eye catching' packaging defines the quality inside.

The remarkable flavors are memorable and appealing due to our unique approach to blending and creativity coupled with our herb based knowledge. We avoid adulterating the teas with hidden ingredients and artificial flavorings. We value local wild-harvested botanical's of Arizona and organic, medicinal grade botanical's for the health of the consumer and of our planet. Our unique blends are far from commonplace. Herbescent offers a pure authentic way to consume and brew tea as we strive to nurture the body and elevate the senses with every cup. So indulge in this truly fantastic way of life and indulge in this most affordable luxury. I imagine that you will recognize and feel the difference that a superior cup has to offer.
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Please contact us at 1-800-988-4372 (HERB) or email us at admin@organicTeaUSA and we will assist you in anyway possible.

Please include your tax ID#, company name, phone number and address so that we may email you wholesale details and information per your request.

Thank you ~
Herbescent Tea Team