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Dark Heart Tea with Rose Petals- Hei Cha 4 grams (12 pcs)
Dark Heart Tea with Rose Petals- Hei Cha 4 grams
Herbescent Dark Heart Tea

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12 Individual Dark Heart shaped Tea
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Description Ingredients Brewing Tips
Dark aged Tea Hearts with Red Rose Petals
Hei cha 4 grams (12pcs)

Dark Rose Tea is shaped into small beautiful heart shaped 'bricks'.

Dark tea shaped into petite Hearts that are speckled with rose petals. This tea is just fabulous! Many Chinese believe dark tea; different than black tea, carries the most health benefits.You receive 12 4 gram heart bricks per package. Soothing dark tea with rose petals that imparts a mild floral note. Perfect for those romantic moments. Sure to add a touch of love to each cup. This one tastes even better when shared with loved ones.

 Tea Chart


Flavor Profile

Full Body, Pungent, Smooth, hint of rose

Color of Liquor

Rich Red

Sensory Mood Spectrum

Love & Celebration

Caffeine Level




History of Dark Tea (Hei Cha)
Legend told on the ancient Silk Road, a tea caravan encountered rain, the tea moistened by rain mildew and became worthless. Tea merchants can't help but abandon it and went away. Next year, an outbreak of dysentery made many people die in the village. When people got nothing to eat, tea merchants gave the mildewed tea to the poor families. A miracle occurred ; the sick people recovered from the illness!
Below is a bit of the research publicized in Chinese literature regarding dark tea; however this info only touches the surface of the many health benefits claimed by the Chinese tea connoisseurs and masters.
Enjoy this unique cup !
Nutritional Information
Nutrient Content:
~Dark Tea (Hei Cha) contains rich nutrients, most notably vitamins and minerals, plus protein, amino acids, sugar substances.
~Dark Tea (Hei Cha) rich in caffeine, vitamins, amino acids, phospholipids, etc. may support body's digestion, regulate fat metabolism, caffeine stimulation,can also enhance the secretion of gastric juice volume, thus enhancing digestion
Dark Tea (Hei Cha) is not only rich in antioxidant substances such as catechins, tea pigments, flavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, D a-carotene, etc., but also contains large amounts of trace elements which also have antioxidant effect such as zinc, manganese, Copper (SOD composition of elements) and selenium (GSHPX the composition of elements) and so on. Its catechins, theaflavins, theanine and tea polysaccharides, in particular the more complex content of flavonoids and so has the function of anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals and delaying cell senescence. ....and much much more !

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