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Magenta Magic Vanilla, Citrus Pink Tea 2 OZ
Magenta Magic Pink Tea 2 OZ
Rare Pink Tea harvest

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Amazing Citrus Pink Tea
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Did you know that all tea types (Green, Black, Oolong, etc) comes from a camellia sinensis plant with green leaves? But only Pink Tea comes from a Purple leaf!

Enjoy this soothing and uplifting blend of citrus notes blended with this rare pink tea from Africa.

Did you know...
This tea is a color changing tea! If you add a few drops of lemon to the steeped tea, the super-antioxidants will react to the acidic lemon to enhance a beautiful pink color hue change! It is just beautiful.

Amazing healing Pink Tea is harvested from a small tea estate in Kenya. More antioxidants than any tea on the planet! Increases Apoptosis (death of fat cells) in the body at an accelerated rate. Pink tea has greater antioxidant activity than green and black teas. Research shows it has a free-radical scavenging rate of 52 percent, compared with 34 percent for green tea and 28 percent for black tea. And the more free radicals that antioxidants attack in your body, the less likely you are to get chronic diseases.

The secret is in where it’s grown…

Why is pink tea better than other teas at fighting disease? A lot of it has to do with where it grows.

This special variety of tea was developed in Kenya at an elevation between 4,500 and 7,500 feet. It’s cooler at those heights, which allows pink tea to thrive in an equatorial region where intense ultraviolet light wreaks havoc on other botanicals. Those UV rays have some advantages, though. They cause purple leaves of the tea plants to produce high levels of two compounds: anthocyanins and polyphenols.

Pink tea contains more anthocyanins than blueberries. It gets its color from anthocyanins—just like blueberries, raspberries, and other red or purple foods. Blueberries are particularly rich in anthocyanins, which have been shown in studies to help fight cancer, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive issues. But Pink Kenyan tea has a much higher content of anthocyanins than blueberries—1.5 percent compared to 0.1 percent.

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Super anti-oxidant tea